Sunday, April 13

Gregory Packs - Change of ownership

A bit of stateside news that may have been missed over on these shores.

Last week it was announced that KSS Outdoor Holdings acquired Gregory Mountain Products, maker of the renown lightweight Gregory Packs.

The PR copy raises several immediate questions bearing in mind the background of the new owners. But hopefully this comment augers positively for continuation of the Gregory product range
"KSS Outdoor Holdings has opted to pursue a growth strategy within the outdoor industry because the Gregory purchase offered the opportunity to acquire a clean, authentic brand, and because it finds the outdoor business compelling from a long-term investment perspective. KSS believes it can capitalize on a long-term global trend of people pursuing healthier, more active lifestyles"

The Outdoor £ (or $ in this case to be precise) starting to growl a little louder perhaps when investors of this ilk get actively involved?


So, K&S have sold off the body armour and military weaponry to BAE for a whack of dosh, and are focusing on the outdoor market. Ain't that sweet.

Or, with the US presidency candidates having bets on how quick they can brink peace to the world, maybe there's more money to be made in getting out to the wild places? But then, with the money they made, they can sure afford to spend some time hiking out in the wilds whilst the rest of us have to deal with the recession (PM Gordon Brown: what recession???)
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