Monday, April 21

aRoundabout - outdoor news and views (April 21)

A host of new arrivals on the outdoor blogging scene this time around. So let's get straight to the meat of the piece.

Greg only started his blog, Backpacking back in April and its already shaping up nicely. Not much more to say as yet. Rather let Greg's posts do the work.

Anyone who can give a mention to Colin Fletcher deserves my attention. And not because this site gets a link referral. Ahem. Fenlander over at Step By Step has 40+ years of backpacking experience behind him.

"I’m a walker\backpacker of many (too many) years standing. I started the game in the early ’70’s when packs were huge - my first was a ‘Camp Trails’ external frame with an enormous dayglow orange sack which fixed to the frame with 8 clevis pins. It did have a hip belt - and needed it - and mildly padded shoulder straps. Now I stand on the edge of the lightweight revolution and don’t know whether to jump in or not"

He's now having great fun trying out this new fangled modern gear. A new site and one worth watching.

Two Yards Of Lard over at Beating The Bounds has "a blog about walking, thinking about walking, reading about walking…….and maybe other stuff" The lucky man is within sniffing distance of the Lake District ("a view of the Howgill fells from upstairs windows on a good day") and likes recording the scenes he takes in along the way. One to watch as his blog grows.

Northern Walker " Either outside or online..." is already setting a high standard, especially when considering the sort of gear he uses and why.

Graham meanwhile is due to start his wander along the South West Coast Footpath and My South West Walk is already shaping up as some good reference material for the future. One of my Long Break plans for that happy No-Work-Today phase one day in the future.

I always love the simple approach to things. So this idea to help with canister stove stability for use on uneven surfaces is exactly right. Simple, cheap and easy to use. Jim Wood's Base Camp (An Internet Stop for Wilderness Travelers) site is full of smart D-I-Y kit ideas. And I won't even mention the DIY alcohol stove (damn - typing out loud again)

And finally latest news from the Wildcamping E-Petition (votes currently 1,394) The Campaign Site has details about how to raise the issue with your local MP, with a minimum of effort on your part. As we enter the final month of this phase of the campaign a suitable time to prod those who are in a position to influence these things more directly than we simple voters.

Right - that should keep you lot quiet for a bit until the heat wave arrives later this week. Me- I'm off to check my gear in preapration for the Backpackers Meet in the Peak District this weekend. To watch democracy at work I hope; To meet some old friends; And hopefully to make some new ones as well.

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Thanks for the mention John. I shall enjoy checking out all the other links too.
you're welcome
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