Wednesday, April 30

BLOGGER - Deleting spam comments individually

I feel obliged to pass this tip on considering the current splurge of spammers once more trying to leave their dreary dross littered amongst blog comments at the moment.

Grateful thanks for to Phreerunner of 'Postcard from Timperley' for the information. Before this if I had a 'naughty' comment to remove I used to delete the post (losing the 'good' comments) and then reposting.

So here's the way to remove individual comments without the hassle:
1. Sign into your Blogger a/c
2. Go to 'posts'
3. On the screen that lists your posts, click on the underlined 'comments' that includes the one to be deleted
4. Click on 'post a comment' (even though you don't intend to)
5. This will bring up all the comments, with little waste bins underneath them
6. Click on the relevant waste bin and then 'delete for ever'


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Thanks for sharing! That's absolutely non-intuitive, isn't it?
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