Wednesday, April 30

Vixen Tor - Action Update

I've previously written about the background to the continued abysmal access situation for Vixen Tor on Dartmoor, despite many efforts to get it resolved amicably.

News comes via the ever excellent Grough website that 200+ people attended a rally this weekend to demand access. A timely demonstration of support for a recent application to the County Council for Rights of Way to be established across the land.

An address from Ramblers’ Association chairman Kate Ashbrook underlines the seriousness of the backing this issue has.

Some kind soul has posted full contact details of the landowner.

I'd like to bet their phone's going to be busy at some inconvenient time or other. But perhaps this will just push the farmer concerned further into the bunker mentality that seems to have been so evident to date?

So perhaps not such a good idea, despite the obvious temptation?

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Yet again the BMC and the RA fight side-by-side for a good cause (like they do for coastal access and other "craggy" bits of E&W. It's a shame that they won't help with the wildcamping issue, eh? Maybe they'll only hop onto our bandwagon when we've done all the graft.
They did their fighting to get the CRoW passed - it banned camping from access land. QED.
give it time lads -early days
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