Friday, May 2

aRoundabout - outdoor news and views (May 2)

So lets get to the toys out of the way first .....

If the site is back up and working you might want to check out
Where's The Path. It's a simple but great idea using Google map, OS OpenSpace API & a search to find a walking location, and then look at the lie of the land. Since it was mentioned on uk.rec.walking the site seems to have bandwidth problems. Hardly surprising - a simple but very usable idea. And very popular into the future I'd suggest
Fancy some more unusual podcasts? There's The Take Away - not specifically outdoor topics, but different. More relevant to readers of this blog is Local Life & Little Histories - a UK based podmmentary (can I copyright that word?) reflecting a "personal journey into the UK's history and wildlife".

News from the Lake District ......
Back in February I mentioned the storm damage to the Wainwright Window at St. James church, in Buttermere. Good news - members of the Wainwright Society have raised enough cash to pay for repairs to the memorial window.
Not such happy new for Wasdale MRT who have posted footage of walkers lost in blizzards/casualties being airlifted to safety over on YouTube ""We need to get the message across that people need to have the right equipment, the right experience, and not be over-ambitious" Something I harked back to in February with "Wasdale MRT appeals for some bl**dy common sense".

It looks like some people still just don't get it judging by this week's rescue for this diabolically bad school outing. A pity they didn't look at Wasdale MRT site and the basic Outdoor How-To-Tips provided as part of the 2008 safety and public awareness campaign. Amongst them - how to orientate & read a map; Use a compass; Take a grid reference. Very basic stuff, and frankly its idiotic not to know this stuff before venturing out on the fells. Especially when leading a group. Some people!

Back to Basecamp........
Locally I see my local outdoor specialist in Ringwood, Barkers, that I recommended for fitting/buying walking boots has decided to ramp up their own line presence with reviews, tips and.....a Blog. Welcome to my world Steve (lol) Worth popping in if you are down in the New Forest.

And finally folks.....
Spare a thought for those TGO Challengers busy on their last minute kit checks before the Challenge starts on 9th May. For the rest of us, a reminder to think about booking holiday for the 30th Challenge on 8-22 May 2009? Details are promised for TGO's October '08 issue - and something special is being planned, I'm sure.

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As yet I am not panicking, ok, I did a last minute change of tents, have taken a hacksaw to my toilet trowel, (see my blog) have weighed, packed, unpacked, packed food parcels umpteen times, have spent time lying on the floor with maps checking last minute route details etc. Mind, there is also the issue of the trekking poles. Hey man, I am cool, I think! Now then, back to those lists I scribbled. Dawn.
How much does WD weigh then Dawn? surely you've calculated the piggyback rides in as well?
Well, it should be ok on the downhill bits, I shall just roll him.
Lets not tell him before he needs to know
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