Tuesday, May 13

Nature at its best?

There's one unavoidable fact at present for those with an eye to the outdoor world.

Those small and seemingly tender shoots of Spring's early exploration have suddenly, and without any warning, exploded into a profusion of rampant greenery.

Everywhere I look the trees have shifted straight from small buds, tightly wrapped since Xmas, but now closely packed green leaved sky covers of multiple hues. All seemingly in a matter of just a few days.

Garden plants long forgotten since last Autumn are now beckoning crowds of contrasting colour; Already standing a foot, or higher, overlooking ground that seemed so bare and lifeless less than three weeks ago.

I can't recall such a Spring season arriving with such energy and in-your-face vitality.

The invitation is there and free to all for a long slow celebration over the next few weeks. Before the Summer heat starts to burn the rich colour out of all but the most sheltered spots.

Drink deep of Nature's restorative power as you may.

Such a contrast; A shock; When I heard news this evening of an acquaintance deliberately overdosing early today outside in the bright sunshine. Their life seeming pointless and overbearing. A planned and well co-ordinated 'cry for help' it appears, despite support being near and willing to aid without judgement.

Life is indeed strange and full of contrast at times.

Me, I'll keep looking to the lessons I find daily outdoors. Nature may be red in tooth & claw. But its regenerative power never ceases to astound with each new growing season. A reminder to look forward. And enjoy the deep richness of our real existence.


Yes, the weather and springtime magnificence last week - and going on this week - was unbelievable. Another inspiring post - despite the sad news about your acquaintance.
Nature has "snapped me out of it" many times.

I'm sorry your acquaintance was unable to notice her in time.
Especially when you consider the statistical unlikeliness of our ever being born. And even if we're born, taking an average across all born things (not just people) the chances of making it through babyhood are pretty remote too.
So enjoy it while you got it is what I say.
I always name May as my favourite month of the year and the sunshine just makes it so complete, lighting up all that lush new foliage. Grim news abounds right now and experiencing nature at its best is a great counterpoint. I hope that your acquaintance makes it through to experience that delights that all of us are offered.
I loved your description of the sudden onset of Spring. Perhaps the people who need to go camping are the very ones who aren't going. If you are a reader of this blog and haven't gone, I join in the sentiment, the suggestion to get out and enjoy this time of year.
Update: Out of hospital and getting the help they undoubtedly need it sounds.
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