Monday, May 5

Sir Brian Blessed & Lord John Martyn?

Surely about time?

The web release of semi-outtakes from last week's 'Have I Got News For You' hosted by Brian Blessed - operating at semi-open throttle and leaving a trail of gasping pros in his wake.
(Parental guidance advised. So get them to watch it along with you - lol)

And lots of similar uncut here to work thru on a wet Monday Bank Holiday

Meanwhile how can John Martyn, one man with one guitar make this much sweet sound? Watch those fingers fly.

I think its time to regrow the beard.

Good old JM - I saw him last year at the Roundhouse, there's still a glimmer of the magic. Couldn't understand a word when he spoke though.

There's also an OGWT clip of him singing May You Never - just brilliant.
Fabulous links. I have tears on my face and my ribs hurt from the Brain Blessed, and the John Martyn is pure magic.
always happy to to pass on something to brighten the day up
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