Friday, May 16

Wildcamping, democracy and lobbying an MP

A text message came through to me from home earlier today. Intriguing - a letter had arrived postmarked "House of Commons". Surely not that knighthood invitation for services rendered to the crown? (Of which I'd dearly love to tell you more - but I promised not a word would pass my lips concerning the portaloo/washing soda/super glue incident)

It was, of course, a response from my local MP after I drew his attention to the E-Petition Legalise-It (wildcamping) campaign (1,842 votes and rising - thanks for asking)

Looks like Hilary Benn (the minster concerned I think) has been getting regularly reminded about this issue from a number of MPs across the political field.

Well not the Scottish ones obviously. Ahem.

Closing date for voting is 24th May - only 8 days left. So please encourage those you know to rush over to the site link above to help push the total over the 2,000 mark, and move up the ranks from its current position as 68th largest petition.


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