Saturday, May 17

Walking Home - New Blog

Enjoyment of the outdoors, and in particular movement over the physical landscape can take many forms. However most expressions of it have a common theme as to the Why and Where.

A pleasant change then to come across a blog with a different approach, and a great eye for the unusual picture opportunity. Welcome to Walking Home to 50

"....about a journey I hope to make... The twin destinations are my 50th home(birth)town, Brighton ...... which would make the journey 280 miles ... The plan is to walk in sections over the years, in sequence - ie if I’ve reached, say, Crewe the next leg of the walk will resume from Crewe. I won’t fast forward and do a section from further on. I’ll revisit other places I’ve lived .... and make whatever detours seem fruitful. I want to have made all the steps to get from where I’ve ended up to where I’ve come from..............some of it will be on waymarked trails, other parts will be routes I’ll plan myself. The intention is not to seek tourist beauty all the time ...........Nor is it a physical endurance challenge or any kind of sponsored thing .........from Southport Pier to Brighton Pier, drifting towards my 50th year"

There's a simple but effective use of Google Maps to check out as well- something I fancy exploring myself as well in those elusive spare moments.

Its a blog that chimes with me; Reflecting some of my own thoughts as I currently muse on something special to celebrate my own 50th in 2009, possibly tied in with the 30th anniversary of a celebrated outdoor event with its own birthday around the same time.

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