Sunday, May 18

Train ticket and fare changes

Today marks the arrival of the much publicised simplification of the UK train ticket system.

However a quick check, playing with my usual on-line providers, sees my cheapest return option of travel to the Lake District coming out at a hefty £110+, compared to £103-£105 last year.

True, with the continuing rapid rise in petrol prices the decision to take the train is getting comparatively cheaper with every passing day. And there are the other logistical benefits to take into consideration.

Along the way I spotted the National Express site offering 10% discount and many more pricing options to play around with. This offers the possibility of reducing the cost down to £22 each way, assuming travelling mostly overnight, and sticking to a specific time/route each way.

So a balancing act of a 60% saving against multiple train changes, anti-social travelling times, nil flexibility of travel time changes, and no refund possibility.

Hmm - in reality not a lot of change it would see.


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