Monday, May 26

Ray Mears Goes Walkabout

Anyone catch the new Ray Mears TV series earlier this evening? The one in the Australian outback cunningly called 'Ray Mears Goes Walkabout'

Ahem. Nice title. Great minds etc etc.

Bet there won't be any sightings of Jenny Aggutter's naughty bits (and you've no idea how difficult it was to find a link without pictures!)

And I also bet Ray doesn't have a half blind Mallard duck, a resident of Derwent Water, as one of his muses.


That was his dinner?



Sorry, getting over excited as usual!

I know you hasve been for several New Forest walks - I don't like to be inaccuart.
I remember that scene from Walkabout very well. My dad was pouring tea at the crucial moment. Nothing was said, but there was tea all over the tray...

So my survival lesson is; don't handle hot liquids when Jenny A goes swimming.
SW - my work/life balance is skewed totally off at present, but I always get out and about. Its just not anything big as yet despite the best laid plans. But a suitable reminder that I really must get something sorted while that warm yellowy stuff is in the sky, and before I miss my chances this year.
MR - She was swimming? Nooo!
I must have missed the water bit.
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