Monday, May 26

Hurray for the TGO Challenge, UKOB Forum & Wild Camp E-Petition

Hearty congratulations are in order..........

Well done to those TGO Challengers who successfully finished last week. And in particular to one individual for whom I know completion this year was something truly special; And personal.

Well done also to the Outdoor Bloggers Forum, one year old last Saturday. Well a year and a few months to be accurate, but put the preceding months down to a bedding in phase.

And finally well done to those who stood up to be counted. That's 2,017 of you who voted for the Wild Camping E-Petition.

If that doesn't sound that many, then consider the potential number of people who would be interested in the first place. And then balance that against the fact that the E-P closed 389th out of the 13,239 closed petitions (i.e. in the top 3%)

Now what next I wonder? The government's formal response is awaited. And those involved are contemplating their own activity as well.

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Now then, plans for the next TGOC as the Clan of the Great Unwashed hit the road once more!!!!!!!!!!!!! It explains itself on my blog John. Dawn
Anon - I knew it was you. I could smell you from here

What a cheeky lady she was to say that. But then the sheep will always flock togther, thats why we non sheep can have so much damned fun!
John, finally, have some photos up. Dawn
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