Friday, June 6

Across Dartmoor wildcamping - where to go?

Mention of the Backpacker's Club, reminds me that thanks is due to John Y (one of the few Dorset members that I've actually met in person, well not quite the only one Trev)

As a result of my recent request for any route suggestions I now have an armful of grid references, names and places to work through over the weekend. All coming from personal experience and on the ground work. That sort of feedback is gold dust in my world (As my old mum used to say, 'It's not what you know, but who you know')

One thing I do intended to do on my return is post a basic Dartmoor route crossing guide up for others to use, or avoid, if they so wish.

I expected to come across at least a couple of N/S or E/W trip reports on the web. But there's little turned up so far. Not that I'd necessarily use them, but its always handy to have some reference ideas to consider & compare. Even if to avoid the more well known trouble spots. Especially the bogs!

And who knows, perhaps it may build up in the future to offer some ideas for others considering a similar spree on what is, after all, the only legal English wildcamping National Park.

(Surely you knew that I just couldn't resist that one folks)

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The Dartmoor stuff will be very welcome John. I'm surprised by how few of my walking friends have actually been on the more. And it is perfect for wildcamping, for that ambling kind of discovery that you can do when you've not got to worry about making it to town for the evening.

And you'll be completely legal :-)
The more I've been digging, the more I realise there's loads of long weekends here waiting to be gobbled up. And only 2 hours away from me
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