Friday, June 6

Bloggers on the printed page

Two magazines dropped through my letterbox earlier this week.

Summer 2008's issue of Backpack, the Backpacker's Club magazine carries my piece on the Wildcamping E-Petition, along with a well intended prod at the reader concerning the relevancy of the campaign to the membership in particular.

Coincidentally the editorial in July's TGO magazine celebrates the same subject, with Cameron McNeish signing the piece off with possibly one of the best observations on wildcamping that I can recall reading for some time. So good in fact that (with due acknowledgement to Cameron of course) I'd like to reproduce it:

"The sheer simplicity of camping in wild places has been a way of life for nomadic tribes for thousands of tears. In such simplicity we can find restoration, rehabilitation and healing, a process that allows us to return to that other complex world and perhaps, just perhaps, begin to make some sense of it"

Well said CN.

Darren naturally gets a name check as the initiator behind the E-Petition (and the one who's name is now sitting on MI5's files -hee hee)

That's score 1 -nil to WD

Then turning over a page I spot a piece of advice taken from the TGO Forum. Oh my, what an excellent tip about route preparation. Indeed one that I already use myself from time to ti....

Oops. My comment. My name.

Game drawn at 1 -1;

Want to go to penalties Darren? (lol)

Nice to see the blog/print journalism boundary being blurred to both party's benefit.

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