Friday, June 6

Ten Peaks Charity Challenge

I first bumped into Donald on the uk walking newsgroup when he mentioned his plans for a charity walking challenge.

Well 'bumped into' is not quite the right phrase. Having been involved in this sort of operation before I quietly tipped him off on the response he could expect on the thread. And boy did he get it, but managed to handle the various flack with suitable aplomb.

Donald's involved with the TenPeaks Charity Challenge which now has its own website, and its one with a real difference setting it apart from the normal charity ideas.

"A team of 3 ......... will spend ten days in August......climbing Scotland’s ten highest mountains from bottom to top with no traversing involved. They will do one mountain a day and will be unsupported in their attempt. All food and water will be brought with them and they will be camping for the whole 10 days"

£30k is the target, so BIG thinking all the way with Don's bunch. Details on the event, operation & how to donate on the site.

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Good luck with the challenge ... if you fancy something further afield for your next challenge then have a look at a company i travel with all of the time Across the Divide Expeditions they have a great range of charity challenge
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