Sunday, April 29

Scenes from New Forest Ambles - Four

A not uncommon sight where old and large beech trees are found.Just off the main path but standing alone within a man made clearing.

Lovers plight their troth. Parents mark the passage of time yet to come for their young. Some just wish to leave a sign of their existence.

And a variety of messages on this particular tree. Not just the normal image and initials, but at the top right of the picture, a complete message for those who wish to stand and decipher the runes.

Was it a long summer's afternoon, father whittling away on bark? A simple task becoming a challenge of craftsmanship? Or was this a specific and carefully planned approach? The sharp cut of each the letter suggesting careful preparation. Tools and time.

Still the green lichen cares not a whit either way, embracing the challenge to transmute the fresh white bark into the timelessness of moss on stone. Nature quickly reclaiming its own despite man's desperate plan to leave his permanent mark.

Looking at these carvings I try to imagine who may have created them, and why.

Each with their own unique set of circumstances and special story to tell. The tree standing silent as a protector of so many confidences.


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