Monday, April 23

Hip-pack Competition - Roll Up

Weird Darren is the first to show interest in taking up the recent challenge I proposed for smallest bag/lightest load used for a successful single overnighter during 2007

But if the offer of a prize seems more likely to stir WD's loins (well more than the fame attached to being the recipient of a personally signed photo of JH) then I suspect it may prove an incentive to others out there.

So steps are being taken to sound out a few sources.

Better get planning WD!


I have a cunning plan.
BTW my fanny pack is which according to Bob's page is 250g. And 4 litre capacity.
I know the one you mean. And if your cunning plan is similar to my cunning plan, I've already got the begging bowl out there already.

Cunning eh!
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