Wednesday, April 25

Hip-pack Competition - Prizes

Breaking News.....................

A suitably accredited sponsor has come forward agreeing to donate some suitably specialist lightweight gear if this competition gets off the ground (If I was to mention its not gear normally found in the UK?)

More to come once a clear set of comp conditions are transferred from my head to this site.

So if you want to get in, time to start 'expressing an interest' via the comments and the initial idea still sounds like a goer to me, with a bit of tailoring to keep it sane and fun.

Its all free, but perhaps a premium phone line to find out the rules?

Oops..... I see GMTV may have beaten me to it.


Do I need to do this again?
I'm in...
I'd sort of assumed you were.

Fancy a first prize of a all expenses paid weekend in Bellingham?
hee hee
Sounds good to me, but do I have to cross any bridges to get there, as I heard they had all been burnt ;)
It's the way you tell 'em
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