Wednesday, April 25

Not to be sneezed at?

I' d guess that WD could do with a bit of a pick up at the moment with his dose of near lethal viral plague continuing to thwart his performance fine tuning before the impending TGO challenge (aka His possible dooooooooom!)

So he must be over the moon to learn he's through to the final? of the "Kleenex - Let It Out" Competition

I've no idea what he's won, or even whether there's any further vote-offs yet to come.

But if you see him on the TGO, remember to borrow a tissue. He might have quite a few to spare.

And WD - try to avoid any random drugs tests. Those steroids will show up!

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John, great blog but errr wrong. I won my heat, but I never had enough votes to make the final. If you look carefully you can't vote for me. Have you got my man flu?^__^
But I am definitely working on my fanny pack wild camp kit. My mystery kit has arrived and looking good ;)
Well I'm glad you sorted that one out - i couldn't make head nor tail of it all!
Fanny pack mystery eh - I've already told you - NO THONGS!
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