Thursday, April 26

Hip-pack Competition - What is It?

I've added a test-it-out link to first draft competition details (HipPack Competition 2007)

It provides a brief explanation and some simple (and hopefully sensible) Terms & Conditions. (There's always rules!)

By all means feedback on anything that is missing or could be done better.

But please don't take it as gospel - its still in the sorting-it-all-out-phase.

There's two new buzzword for you to slip into everyday conversation.


Alpkit need to get their bivvy bag out soon for me to enter :-) or Darren will win by default :-)
bivvy bag- whimps
My thoughts precisely, means I already have 250g advantage ^_^

By the time I've given the extremist elements of the BCP that are hunting me down the slip, I will be really "hardcore" ^__^
perhaps I should include a subclause that requires youi to wear clothing then?

How's the 'rules' look so far BTW?
Ah! but you haven't see what I`m carrying it all in. :-)

Also what do we include in the weigh in?

A digicam needs to be taken but this is included in the weight?
good point george - no any "evidence gathering" needs to be outside the weigh-in
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