Sunday, April 4

Walker's Aid: Hill Lists & Database Resources

Thankfully its come around to that time of year once again.

Longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, & (whisper it quietly) even a glimpse of sunshine.

Time then to scratch that Getting Serious Outdoors itch steadily building up over the dark Winter days.

Only problem - what to do & where to go for this year's walking challenges?

For me that means not just digging out the maps, but also turning to the myriad of on-line resources to feed a questioning mind with specific locale information and assist with ideas for route planning.

I thought I'd share some of my own sources with you adding a new set of Site Links under the heading of HILL LISTS & DATABASES (see right hand side of this page)

Here you'll find hill & summit lists covering both the UK & worldwide providing a variety of free hill data downloads for your own use & adaption (build your own Tick List?)

Hope they help you as much as they have me over the years.

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Good Links John and thanks.
I thought I would take a look and I found the mighty 65m summit of Ringwood Road in Bournemouth listed :-)
Will you be joining us at Sixpenny Handley at the weekend?
SW - not this weekend - family commtiments.
Saving my full breadth of social skills for the BPC AGM in Bath later this month
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