Sunday, March 14

Lighting Hadrian's Wall

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but am I the only one who's missed the point of last night's Event?

After watching the official video it seems to have been a display of poorly disjointed lights, or a cavalcade of bangs and whizzes. All dependant on the proximity of population centres.

No real sense of the Wall's route or antiquity.

I just hope there was no poor wildcamper out there trying to have a quiet & solitary wander along Roman ways.

But of course, with the disapproving attitude of the likes of Hadrians Wall Heritage Ltd & Hadrians Wall Path National Trail towards wildcamping in general, as previously noted, thats not likely to have been an issue.

"Are there enough campsites?
At the moment it is difficult to rely upon campsites only, so many walkers use the camping barns and youth hostels for the occasional night. We do ask you, however, not to wild camp, it causes problems for both Trail staff and farmers"

Or then again ...........

If you were out there last night - why not leave a comment to help the rest of us make some sense of it all?


I will admit to being underwhelmed by this event - the only staggerring part about it being the effort required to not mucch effect and the BBC local news hype which seems to have been baging on about it for weeks.
A stunt - paid for from taxes to promote an area which realy doesn't seem to need much promotion.
Thanks for the opportunity for a bit of a rant, by the way.
Saw the programme and was quite baffled as to why. As for the wild camping issue, well, anyone who knows me will be aware that is my usual mode of camping; I had considered walking the wall but all the issues of camping have deterred me. My baby tent is green but a light green, now I am considering dyeing it a darker colour to be even more discreet. Desperate times indeed!!!
The Wall country has historically been neglected in favour of the lake district or the northumberland the PR was welcome. However i do agree that other than a publicity stunt the reason for the event doesnt seem to have been well made.
There have also been comments about the number of lights being increased for the parts of the Wall which were near to the celebrity viewing stations.
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