Wednesday, February 10

Press Sense-or-ship?

The episodic Darren Effect once more comes into play

Anybody who follows the link
to the BBC Scotland page on my post yesterday will find it has been mysteriously removed.

Is that a letter to my MP I feel coming on? (lol)

More seriously there's a pragmatic exchange of views bursting across the BloggoSphere today with updates from PTC & Darren along with thoughts from Chris 'Beardy Man' Townsend.

General consensus is Loch Lomand has a problem that needs to be resolved, and their approach is being handled with a degree of sensitivity & polite consideration.

Which bearing in mind the experiences of my local National Park has to be a positive move all of its own sweet self.

This is getting to be a
ll very grown-up.

Happily - for once.

Thanks to Chris T for identifying the cause of the BBC link failure - which has been corrected. Bugger's up my Conspiracy Theory though as it was my error in the end.
(But let's not allow that teeny fact get in the way of a good story!)

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But still there when you click on the link in Darren's post!
Looking at the links yours goes to

Darren's goes to:

Remove the "topic" from the end of your link and it works.
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