Saturday, January 2

New Year/Old Year; And the difference is?

Its a usual traditional at this reflective time of year to cast an eye backwards over the previous twelve months and review past events. But sat here in the first days of a new year (and, I note casually, my sixth decade) I feel so disinclined to look back.

For a year that started so positively with two early wildcamping trips, it swiftly degenerated into a quagmire of home/work matters that meant making some hard personal choices. And whilst the urge to get out onto the hills has been steadily building deep inside, those around me required a higher placing on my list of life's priorities.

Ho hum. That's the way it goes sometimes.

The personal selfishness that urges me to go alone, and for days at a time, into wild and lonely places, is a hungry animal.

But one to be carefully nourished.

Too much gratification and my pleasure can dwindle. Too starved and the beast inside rears up to snap at passing strangers. Or sometimes pines in a self destructive manner.

So farewell 2009.


Here we go - time for another try. Once again.

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