Saturday, December 5

TGO Website - New. Improved. 20% Free.

Don't know if anyone followed the TGO Magazine link on that last posting - but it looks like they've had the decorators in.

A revamped layout and even a
RSS feed for lazy sods like me that have largely given up on scurrying around each individual website in which I have an interest.

Then again - perhaps it was just me missing the Makeover Announcement?

Very pretty Cameron.

And a step in the right direction.

Unlike the last
Trail Magazine revamp which still feels like it was done by the local school as a community project.


(Edit: the TGO site is marked Beta. Some of the links remain to be sorted & the forum is unavailable - but it seems to have gone live late on Friday; Interesting selection of videos there already!)

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Its looking like a good website John. Like the video stuff as well.
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