Tuesday, November 3

TGO 2010 - The Big Day?

Blimey - I've been away from an Internet connection for only a couple of days & then I come back to a deluge from the outdoor sites buzzing with details of those who made the draw for next year's TGO Challenge.

And those that didn't.

Regular readers may perhaps have spotted that in general I'm not particularly renown for moving with the crowd.

But rather than be left out perhaps I'd better say, just for the record ..... I also did not make the cut for TGO 2010.

Think my chances would have improved if I'd filled out and posted the entry form?

Come on folks - where's the can-do independent spirit of the wildcamper gone these days?

Sort yourselves out now


very good. that made me smile
Its the difference between going to a party and boozing on your own.
One of those can be a bit sad sometimes.
Can still go wild camping independantly. Life isnt quite as black and white as this.
riding the wave again I see Me Hee ;)

Fancy dog sitting next May for me? ^_^
Of course, you can booze on your own at the party as well and be really independant...

Come on in John; You know you want to...

Love the humour, John. Bloddy excellent, isn't that what you say in the UK?!
Aha John, funny that, I did not recieve a place either probably the same problem of not applying. Just returned from a wild camping/swimming trip in Scotland, off the beaton track.Write up done with photos as per norm. Still prefer solo, but there again I am an anti social so and so.
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