Sunday, October 25

A Room With A View

Ever fancied a small piece of remote land, all your very own?

That special piece of green space, somewhere off the beaten track.

So how about a disused reservoir (wonder if its subject to flooding?)

Bradleys and Webbers will shortly be auctioning off a number of "highly interesting and attractive lots" in Devon & Cornwall, currently owned by South West Water.

The auction is on the 18th and 23rd November and besides the normal Cottage/disused buildings in out of the way locations there are some interesting possibilities

How about Lot 15, Northmoor Reservoir?

"613 sqm approx. Northmoor Reservoir is situated on the outskirts of Moretonhampstead and within the boundaries of the Dartmoor National Park. The site is accessed via a public footpath and .......accommodates a four walled stone built structure which currently is somewhat overgrown" Guide £5-10k

Or perhaps Lot 18, Loddiswell Service Reservoir?

"Small redundant reservoir .... on the outskirts of the village.........there are fields behind and the site afford countryside views" Guide £10k

Then, for the more aspirational there Lot 21, King George Fifth Reservoir (a postal address with real one-upmanship potential)

"0.77 acres approx. A redundant water storage reservoir within a large site with delightful views over Totnes and countryside........the site can only be accessed by foot or 4x4 vehicle over a public maintained trackway" Guide £20k

With auction guide prices starting at £5,000 it sounds a realistic way to acquire a piece of wildcamping/chill-out land.

So, a little something perhaps to brighten up your Sunday. And perhaps for one of you reading this a chance to turn a dream into reality (for which my finder's fee is an invitation to visit and stay a night)

Go on. Dream a little harder today.

Full details of all lots

Brochure with site location & further details is available here

(All lot descriptions & pictures copyright Bradleys Autions)

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Wow, now if I had five grand I would be in there like a shot. That is right up my street, absolutely ideal. Sure, it may need a bit of work in places but that just adds to the fun.
Dawn - you were definitely in mind when I spotted the auction
The problem is raising the cash John. Recently I looked at buying a woodland plot for much the same money, toddled around to the bank and basically was shown the door. These places actually have small buildings on them, ideal wild camping, bushcraft and an emergency bothy/storage facility all in one package
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