Monday, October 5

Sunshine bound

This Blog will be going quiet for a bit as I pack & depart for the sunshine of Southern Europe.

With the Euro in sharp decline I may be forced to sleep under a builder's tarp, drinking rainwater from a old tin can. But I'll be basking in sunshine & warm whilst I suffer. Hopefully.

And who knows, if my netbook can find a Wi-Fi link there may even be some pictures to prove just how low I've sunk.

Play nicely while I'm slumming it.

It seems odd that I'm sitting here servicing the crampons and you're off to the tropics!

Have fun, John.
Have fun John, enjoy and travel safely.
Ooh Stef - "servicing the crampons", eh?
Takes all sorts. I shall let Miss Whiplash know there is a fellow traveller.

Have a good holiday (both of you!)
Sorry John, I came up as anonymous, it wus me, Dawn. Nothing wrong with a good solid builders tarp either. Think of us poor souls left behind.
Lucky you! Have a fantastic time :)
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