Sunday, September 27

Whre has all the rainfall gone?

(Posed for by model)

The flat grassy area at the edge of this New Forest pool near Burbush has been under water for most of the summer months. But now, in late September, there's a couple of meters of dry land where at this time of year the edge of the pond would normally be.

Ok - who nicked all the water then?

Or perhaps a sign of a dry warm Autumn to come?

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They are calling it an Indian Summer in the East. Lovely weekend here. Long may it last.
September has been glorious, hopefully October will be too and with it a few more cloud inversions like the ones I saw last week :)
It's over here. Endless days of the stuff. Come and take some back to Blighty please!
Hope not - I'm away to sunnier climes soon. It can rain that week
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