Saturday, September 12

Revenge is sweet

For all those that have ever been called away to the phone when part way through a hot meal, only to find themselves in the clutches of a telesales caller.

BlankThe script is here.

OK - nothing to do with outdoor chat, but frankly anything that raises a smile at the moment has got to be a good thing.

Must rush - I can hear the phone ringing .........


now that's class :)

Telesales are almost as annoying as double glazing salesmen

Imagine the scene:

I am eating dinner with the family. there is a knock at the door. Its a spotty herbert in an ill fitting suit. He asks if I have ever considered getting double glazing. I point to my dazzling white UPVC windows and doors.

Slightly nonplussed he then asks if I would like a conservatory. I point out the 4x8metre structure attached to the entire back of the house.

Struggling now, he asks if we would be prepared to get a quote when we were ready for replacing the windows, doors or conservatory. Yes says I, come back in about 10 years time. I think the sarcasm was lost on him


Get your number registered with the TPS and dont answer the phone when you're eating - simples as a mercat might say :)
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