Monday, August 17

A Quick One

So why the news blackout from JH Enterprises?

Perhaps some momentous backpacking trip to report.

Maybe even an extended period of kit testing?

No such luck.

Without going into too much (monotonous) detail let me just leave you with a few words to make up your own version of events










Sometimes I hate PCs


Maybe I shouldn't say this, tempting fate and all that, but my Vigin Account stops all that virus nonsense before I open anything.

No idea how it works, mind. Techie illiterate here!
Eep :( What did you have? Any idea how you got it? How did you get rid of it?

This is a *fantastic* website for assistance on removing malware of various sorts. I used it for my own PC a couple of years ago, and have recently used it to clear a very persistent Trojan off Tim and Kate's. Couldn't possibly recommend it more highly.

Click here for Geek Police
Alan - I'm a Virgin customer as well. That's ok for e-mail but no use for web browsing etc
Better start runing now
PW - various malware trojans - mostly rootkit items which are a right swine to clean out (and I 1st got into viruses when there were only 11 around!)
Thanks for the link - already been using that one
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