Monday, August 10

Birthday Competition

(Edit 10 Aug)
The last of the prizes will be going to the local Post Office tomorrow (Tues)

Here's the final list of the lucky recipients

Londonbackpacker - Nalgene Cantene water bladder
keeniemeenie - Vibram Fivefingers KSO

Martin Rye - The Wild Places - Robert Macfarlane
Trevor D Gamble - Tilley Hat
Mark Dunkerley - Blizzard Bag
PhilT - The Philosophy of Risk


The Wild Places - Robert Macfarlane first John or the Call Out Mountain Rescue - MRT's pocket guide to safety on the hill would be good. Thanks kind sir.
I sent you an email a while ago with my wish list on :(

I have sent it to your email

my email is dorsetproperjob if that helps


Prize arrived today :-)

Many thanks, and many more birthday's for the blog :-)
I'll go for the 'Philosophy of Risk' please! Thanks!
On its way Phil
Received today, thanks! Oddly I WAS wearing a yellow safety jacket when I opened it.....

Looking forward to reading it.
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