Sunday, July 26

Birthday Competition - Results

Well done to all those who took part. Hopefully you found a few interesting tit bits during the treasure hunt.

So to the answers:
Q1. Why did I originally start backpacking?
The answer I had in mind when I set this poser was"
I started backpacking as an escape away from home/parents", but a few of you reminded me I'd also been influenced by Scouts, so that answer is equally as valid.

Q2. In Hincheslea Wood I saw something specific relating to destruction & rebirth - what was the object in question?
The burnt out remains of an Alpine Chalet, and its subsequent rebuild

Q3. What is the make & model of my tent?
Hilleberg Akto (Well - what else could it be!)

Tie-Breaker: How many page loads will I get on July 25th 2009?
Well this brought up some interesting ideas of this site's visitor activity - some of which could have made me feel most inadequate.

Page Loads on the day numbered a dismal (for some reason) 75, with the total for 2009 to the end of the day being 18,210.

Those nearest to the daily total (and the overall winner was suspiciously close!) got preference with YTD then coming into play.

The winners:
  • 1 Londonbackpacker
  • 2= keeniemeenie
  • 2= Mark Dunkerley
  • 4 Martin Rye
  • 5 Trevor D Gamble
  • 6 PhilT
By some amazing coincidence every entrant is a winner on this occasion.

Drop me an e-mail (TO: johnhee AT with your address details, and a 1..2...3 preference of which prize you'd prefer. I'll allocate them using the above order, and come back to anyone if there's a clash, but hopefully it will all work out equitably.

Thanks to all and enjoy the freebies as they drop onto your doormat during the coming week or so.


Superb competition, for my sake it's just as well there weren't more entries!

Well done all that entered and won. My guess is everyone was out enjoying the walking on Saturday and that is why the page loads were so low.

I know it was what I was up too.
Who knows

Want to drop me an e-mail OW - a few words on your blog site re RSS & comments if you're interested?
I can't find any contact details for you on your blog
Trevor/Mark - addresses please?
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