Wednesday, July 8

The Competition - Enter Here

I've thought long and hard about setting some suitably fiendish questions in celebration of this site's third birthday.

Much of it wasted activity to be honest, as even I couldn't answer some of the original ideas that my warped persona came up with.

So back to basics it is then. But slightly challenging as the prizes warrant a little effort. After all - can't make it too easy can we? I have a reputation to uphold.

Hmm. Anyway - the questions all have answers somewhere on this site, except the Tie-Breaker.

To enter - merely leave your answers in the COMMENTS ON THIS POST ONLY between now (8/7/09) and midnight on July 25th 2009.

Q1. Why did I originally start backpacking?

Q2. In Hincheslea Wood I saw something rise from the ashes - what was the object in question?

Q3. What is the make & model of my tent?

Tie-Breaker: How many page loads will I get on July 25th 2009?
(Hint: I've had around 16.5k so far this year)

Prizes, as if you need reminding, are:


  • 1 entry per person
  • In the event all 3 answers are correct the Tie Breaker will be used to determine the order of Winner 1, 2 etc
  • If less than 3 answers are correct, and prizes remain, the Tie Breaker will be used to determine the order of the remaining Winners
  • Winner 1 will be offered their pick of the goody bag; Winner 2 next choice etc etc
  • In the event prizes remain, or are not claimed by the end of July I may offer them up on a first come, first served basis.
  • My decision is autocratic, despotic, unilateral. And final.

Best of luck.


Congrats on the third birthday of this brilliant site.

I'd like to enter the competition if possible:

1)You started backpacking after becoming involved in scouts (same as me and a better choice than sunday school or football ;) )

2)The object in question was the beautiful alpine log cabin that someone has rebuilt as a bog standard home

3) You have the excellent Hillberg Akto tent as your home from home

For the Tie breaker I am going to go for my lucky number of 18567.

Thanks for posting the competition and here's to the another 3 years of wild camping

Mark Dunkerley
Yes, very many happy returns to celebrate the birthday of this brill site here from me too!

Competition entry -

1. Following an involvement in Scouting.

2. Alpine log cabin that ended up rebuilt as a normal modern home.

3. Hilleberg Akto

4. 19954 tie breaker answer.

Trevor D Gamble
Happy Birthday!

At risk of a pattern forming...

1. Through Scouting (though maybe 'haversacking'?)

2. A new building to replace a burnt out wooden house (I'm sure there's a proverb about open fires and wooden houses there somewhere...)

3. Akto (with replacement pegs).

Tie break answer - 20001.

That's an incrdible prize haul by the way - blogger generosity blows me away sometimes. Thanks!
Well done on the entries, even if all of them have misunderstood the Tie-Break (It was page loads on the day itself!)

But bowing to the inevitable, I'll take your answers on the basis provided, and make any adjustment required when the count up starts.

Blimey these things are never easy are they
This comment has been removed by the author. started backpacking as an escape away from home/parents and the recession hit Midlands in the 70s.
But your first involvement with the outdoors was thought the scouts

(covering both bases :-))

2.a burntout building, replace with a new one.

3. hilleberg Akto

Tie-breaker:- page loads for the day:- 75
Competition entries from me too:

Answer 1. 'Slipped' into the Scouts because it was local and your mates were going too - I bet there's a few of us on here who did for just that reason!

2. You saw a new house rising from the ashes pictures here:

3. You use the wonderful Hilleberg Akto

4. Page loads for the day will be 500

Hi John.

1. Joining the Scouts. Nice thing to do.

2.Phoenix moment with the house all burnt out and replaced by a new one

3. That tent I no longer use and goes by the name of Akto.

On the day I reckon 19,865
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