Sunday, July 12

BBC Wild Camping

Did you catch Sunday's BBC 1 Countryfile piece on How to Wildcamp?

I smelt trouble brewing as I tried to work out as to just why they chose their apparently featureless wildcamp pitch.

But as we all know from our own trips there is always rescue and a friendly farmer's dry barn not too far away.


Looks like the hordes will be staying away from this pastime for a little while longer.

Now where can I get that all important training from, so I can go out there and try it for myself?

(This is the third rewrite of this - the other two really did rip the piss out of this!)


At some point, it would be nice to read the original drafts. I quite enjoy that sort of thing....
Oh crap, they have a picture of a bunch of hippy-looking types with a camp fire and a big tent...

We don't need this.
Lousy looking pitch, thick wet grass, also noticed the huge gas cylinder, frying pan,kettle etc. It looks like I have missed out somewhere though; all these years on the hill and I have had no official training. Does that mean that I am unqualified as a wild camper; maybe even disqualified?????????????? Now then, where is that nice cosy barn and friendly farmer?
I thought it was illegal to camp down there? and those rucksacks were SHOOOOOGE!

Sanity was restored straight after though as I relaxed with a cuppa and watched Julia Bradbury summit Scafell Pike at sunset - it was a great prog - she is SO enthusiastic!
It makes you wilt watching it.

I am with the Pieman - let's see the original text JH!
I'd love to post the original, but the venomous content it contained resulted in its own spontaneous combustion shortly afterwards
That's wild is it? What a lot of tripe.
Some how I don't think taking your young son out on whats probably his and posssibly your own first camping trip in poor weather is a very good idea. If they wanted to make it look even half appealing they could have waited for a decent forecast.

Wildcamping is about being away from crowds(idiots), noise and being surrounded by nature and independant. It can be as basic or as comfortable as you are willing to make it/carry.

Just my thoughts
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