Friday, July 24

Running fast. Standing still.

A combination of work, home and the usual day to day life drudge means that any time spent in front of this damned mono visual blinking radiation emitting time wasting device (aka Internet PC) are few and far between at present.

I've managed to keep up with my regular blog/forum reads each day, although any interaction in those places has also been similarly limited by time & energy.

Regrettably my fine record of monthly wildcamps that started so well (and so early this year), has turned to a pile of mush in response to circumstance. Many of these beyond my direct control, but all requiring the mature & supportive responses that I like to think is part of what make me Who I Am.

But today, at the end of yet another endlessly milling week I've uncovered a few hours of my own. Time to sit back & spend some solitary moments on my own whims. Something that during the last few weeks I've felt increasingly driven to saviour during the pell-mell rush that seems to be my waking existence.

Now is that time, more than ever, when I feel drawn to find that special renewal of spirit that comes with a few night's wildcamping in some lonely and desolate wild location. Far from my fellow human, but so close to the true reality of existence. Water. Shelter. Food. Nature. Bliss.

But for the moment my dismally puny recharge comes as I think back to some of those high ridge wildcamps. Places where I sat savouring the blending of Time, Space & Solitude.

The quiet gap that follows the end of a long day's trek.

The wildcamp pitch. Refuelling the body's needs.

And then an opportunity to fill the gap before sleep by busily doing nothing in particular but become one with the surroundings. True - only a transitory visitor. But one open to the measure and pleasure of the temporary resting place.

Meanwhile there are the trip reports from fellow Outdoor Bloggers as they discuss their recent sorties out in the Great Outdoors (You lucky sods!)

All this helps keep me on the right side of sanity. Although those who have met me know that such a description is always applied a little warily when citing my general demeanour.

So for now I teeter (titter?) along life's own high ridge. Balancing The Present alongside The Past. Awaiting The Future where control of my own moments & movements can one again be retaken in a more selfish manner.

So what if this summer is yet again turning out to be damp and changeable?

The weather is warm. The grass is full grown. Tree crowns are dark and leaf laden.

Get out there if you are able. Saviour these moments.

To store up pleasant memories for colder days ahead.

And I don't mean the Winter.

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Chin up John. I think we all know how you feel. I am sure your adventures await you.
You sound like how I feel John. Hang in there. My flat has a new decor, wood chippings. Dawn
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