Sunday, August 9

Jail break (cancelled)

Despite indications to the contrary I managed to keep my clothes & possessions free of unwanted intrusion.

After a wet Thursday the mud was knee deep in places - I've kept cleaner boots whilst crossing the worst that Dartmoor bogs could throw at me.

But two days of sunshine sorted that out.

Despite a huge turn out, the campsite area, although packed wasn't quite the usual cacophony I've come to expect of organised camping.

Even the 3am argument (I didn't mind you sharing my tent; But then you threw up inside it & went to sleep...You Bast...) had that air of humour being played out alongside the nocturnal mating sounds in the opposite direction from some young lady who seemed quite indecisive.

No, no, no; Yes, yes, yes;" (quiet) "Yes, yes yes; No, no, no;" (quiet) .........I'm sure you get the idea.

Don't get that sort of entertainment out on the hills.

Well not as yet.

Ho hum. Back to ordinary life again.

Having fun and riding the bike. Hardly ordinary. Thanks for the great book. It is coming on holiday with me and will be fine reading.
Your welcome Martin
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