Tuesday, August 18

Google Chrome

One plus of my recent viral infections is that I finally moved away from IE8

One pc is now happily running Firefox, which I'm slowly getting to like.

The other is on Google Chrome - and what a whizzy little beast it is. Worth checking out if you (like me) find yourself impatiently waiting for pages to load


One slight drawback

I like Google Chrome. But GC doesn't seem to like this blog - the font size (as Geoff flagged to me some time ago) goes Very Strange At Times.

But now I'm using GC I'll try to nip that one in the bud on future posts.


This font effect is also present in Safari the MAC browser. This is probably because they are both based on the webkit PD kernel.
thanks Andy

Just reverted to Firefox on all pcs to save confusion

Chrome is good, but not quite there yet
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