Sunday, August 23

Ups & Downs of an Outdoor Slacker

Its been a weird sort of year so far.

With an impending 50th birthday due in 2009 I’d originally planned to celebrate with something special. A low reservation place for the 2009 TGO Challenge put paid to the obvious solution, whilst work commitments meant that most of my spare thinking time was instead spent in a semi-vegative
state of recovery.

Once clear of the immediate work pressures I re-kick started myself with a trip to Dartmoor (Hot!) That was swiftly followed up a month later with a visit to the Lakes (Wet!)

Amazed I'd found the time & personal energy reserves to get Things Outdoorsy moving successfully once more, and so early in the year (always a difficulty after the long darkness of wintertime) I went for three in a row with a trip to Wales a little more than a month later, just in time to saviour warm long days on hills in that pre-holiday period.

Well that was the plan. Matters of a personal nature meant that real life intruded into my 2009 winning streak. The trip never came off with a decision to remain near to family & home.

Now, as I watch the summer evenings darken earlier each day, and the blackberries & acorns swell alarmingly amongst their foliage, I see the opportunities for 2009 are slipping steadily away.

The 'personal concern' is drawing to a rather tangled conclusion, ensnaring all involved, but still requiring my on-hand assistant & support.

And as if to compensate, work matters, relatively quiescent for some months, are again threatening to soak up mental energy better directed towards planning some impromptu trips in the Autumn.

As I said at the top of this piece, its been a weird sort of year so far.

Wonder what 2009 has left to throw my way?

Bring it on

Seems like your year has been similar to my own. This has been my leanest year for a decade in terms of outdoor expeditions-everything seems to have conspired against it.Now looking at a 2010 year planner.....!
I'm off to the hills for the first time in three months tomorrow. Yippee! Hope you can get away soon. I know how it feels.
Our turn will come soon I hope
You managed to get out more than me :-).

It really has been a lean year, although I'm hoping for a trip to Wales in September.

You should have a good chance of making the TGOc for next year as you were on stand-by, just had to apply and cross everything again :-)
Persistance pays with the TGO - The first year I applied I didn't even make the standby list. Got in the next year - Uncle Roger doesn't like to disappoint. Stick with it John - you can't keep a good man down!
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