Thursday, September 24

Backpackers Club AGM 2010

Well hello again dear reader.

What's that? Yes - I know.

It has been quite a while since we last met; But certain life events, allude to a few months ago, have finally been coming to their natural conclusion over the past couple of weeks.

Not quite all done and dusted - but the outcome is very positive all around.

Now my thoughts can get back to matters Outdoor......

The Backpackers Club Autumn newsletter has confirmation of an interesting change in 2010.

At BPC's 2009 AGM there was talk of the next AGM being held in the south of England. After a number of northern based locations during recent years this was intriguing news.

BPC's newsletter now has confirmation that the 2010 AGM is (provisionally) scheduled to be held at Bath Racecourse over the weekend of April 23-25.

Good news if your southern based, like me, especially when attendance depends on a 500+ mile round trip to join in the fun for northern AGMs.

Whilst there may be some who dislike moving the AGM location, it does give those from geographically diverse areas the opportunity to show their physical support, and hopefully be more actively involved with club matters.

I've spent a little time walking in the area & am happy to point out it lies towards the southern end of The Cotswold Way

Good chance to tick off a National Trail, and spend a weekend with like-minded folk in 2010?

I notice the racecourse also has free wi-fi - so expect breaking news as it happens at BPC AGM 2010 - if I know my Bloggers.


Why would anyone who persues such a personal and individual sport(?) want to congregate?
I am open to suggestions>
I concur.
Nature is to be enjoyed alone.
Why join some club or other to enjoy what is each individuals by right?

What is the BPC's 'official' answer to this question.

As an outsider I will be very interested in the answer.

John Spencer-Mallory
An observation commonly made

Although if you've ever attended on of the events whilst you'll find the usually buddy up groups there are a fiar number of solo people just there to be able to share their love of backpacking, and pick up some tips/hints without the usual "you do what? Why?" response that comes from Joe Public

mixed &
I seem to remember that the AGM was to move around the country to give members is the South the chance to attend, but some of the northener members weren't happy so it hardly every come this far south.

Only the second time in 10+ years if memory serves.

That's a good enough reason not to join.
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