Tuesday, October 20

Martial Art - Now 102 ways to kill a man?

Well in the case of one group of Midland charity walkers, not so much a secret art. More a bunch of artists (of a different sort) demonstrating their selfishness & a total miscomprehension of simple hill craft.

"The group from Coventry were taking part in a fundraising record attempt to see how many martial arts enthusiasts could climb the mountain at one time. They carried the man up Llanberis Path but found it too tough to go further. They then left the man in the wheelchair with a friend, while they carried on and reached the peak. When they returned to the man in the wheelchair, they were too tired to carry him back down and called for help from mountain rescuers" (Source BBC)

Thanks to Grough for flagging the story, and the Coventry Evening Telegraph for further detail.

So once again the local MRT get pulled in to dig a group of prats out of a hole of their own making.

In this case a little forethought would have prevented the incident. Or even a little less selfishness, when it started to go pearshaped, would have prevented an escalation.

I'll declare an interest here. I was once a martial artist - a pursuit that fosters self reliance and independent thinking. I also happen to originate from Coventry - so the 'City folk go dumb in the wilds' tag isn't accurate either.

Apparently the paraplegic was "their pal". With friends like this who needs enemies?

I suspect this is one charity event where their won't be much post event publicity from the charity concerned.

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I was very angry when that story came up on my RSS feed last night. W'##+S WOULD BE THE FIST WORD TO COME TO MIND. Rant over and I will see you later John.
I posted on tw***er about it to see if we could get the same kind of interest shown to Jan Moir, but no celeb was interested.

although I don't think we should have to have permits or insurance to enjoy the hills, this is one time I think something should be in place.

these people showed a real lack of judgement and repect to the people involved.
morons, plain and simple
alas there are plenty out there......
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