Sunday, November 1

Wet Weather Wonder

For once last night's weather forecast was correct. Hardly difficult when it looked like the whole of the UK would be covered by one rather large raincloud.

So naturally time to head for one of my local secret spots - a New Forest waterfall near Burbush car park.

As this only appears for a very short time with heavy rainfall its not a spot likely to become over populated with hordes of tourists, especially during the summer holiday months.

Hence the reason I can let you in on this particular secret.

The pool, usually a dry shale track, once more acting unwittingly as an outflow water course, before heading off westwards down along the old railway track.

On this occasion I clambered up to the top of the waterfall, to confirm the source of the water.

Heavy rainfall on the heathland above used to drain away naturally. But a heathland fire a couple of years ago somehow compacted the ground with the result that the small tracks are now channels for the excess water, leading to form deep pools at the edge of the heath. Which inevitably tips over the heathland edge and down onto the track below.

Once again I realise that I should get a a better camera phone for these sort of on the spot snaps.

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I love that picture of the UK weathermap. Where did you find it?
Its a mug I spotted in a gift shop years ago

Always regret not buying it at the time. Only have the picture now

If you want to d/load or use it - feel free
Thanks John

It may well appear on my blog soon!
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