Sunday, November 22

Flooding - bring it home

Like you I've heard & seen the news reports about the Cockermouth floods. Whilst there is considerable disruption & damage, there is a niggling temptation to wonder if the press reports have concentrated on the more extreme, TV friendly, areas.

Over on the Mad About Mountains are a range of snaps covering Keswick town centre. And for those that have spent long hours waiting outside Booth's Supermarket for a bus/coach link, or stayed at the YHA - the pictures tell the story with far more personal impact.

A range of scenes from today around Keswick, and yesterday from Latrigg.

Bad. But bearing in mind how things looked like when it was really raining, the situation could have turned out much worse.

A big well done to all the rescue services concerned.

But lets not forget efforts of the MRT whose Basecamp supporter's site updates on Facebook illustrate the long and arduous activity the teams of volunteers, pulled in from many areas, have been involved with over the last few days.

Time for a donation. Or better still join Basecamp?

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Wow... I am *so* glad that Piglet and aren't still there!

Thanks (to you and Ann) for the photos -- fantastic.

How does water cause that sort of damage to roads? I could barely believe what I was seeing!
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