Thursday, November 26

Pen-y-Pass Cafe closure

Planning to drop into the Peny Y Pass cafe as part of a forthcoming trip to Snowdonia?

Well don't. It has been shut for refurb & a new tenant.

Coming hot on the heels of that monstrosity on top of Yr Wyddfa closing its doors for the winter that hopefully will result in more route planning to include Pete's Eats in Llanberis.

That's assuming recent reports of financial trouble haven't hit that well liked establishment as well.

Sarnies anyone?


Pete is still going strong I think.

Don't forget Capel Curig. The Pinnacle Cafe does good hime made food and the Bryn Tyrch pub can be excellent. Cape Curig is now my base of choice up there.
Cafe now under new management - a social enterprise buying locally and operating as ethically as they can.
The crockery is real as is the espresso, americano, latte, cappuchino, hot chocolate and all the wonderful homemade cakes that are served with them!
Food is all prepare on site and cooked when it is ordered. Everything I have eaten there has been great and obviously prepared with care. Decent veggie choice too.
Open from 7am till 8pm there is plenty of chance to get in there and its much lighter and warmer than it used to be with a far friendlier welcome!
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