Sunday, January 17

Taking the air & looking ahead

It was the persistent drip hanging from the end of my nose that settled the argument.

Or rather it's lack.

During last Saturday's walk amongst snow littered surroundings on ice hardened ground the bitterly cold air drawn into my body resulted in a slightly runny nose. And, it seemed, my own personal icicle.

This Saturday, with rising temperature but a steady & persistent rain - again that unseemly drip. This time the cause being of a more external nature as a rain spattered face and the laws of gravity meant each downward glance was rewarded with a trickle of rainwater cascading off my nasal prominence.

At least it was warmer this time!

But today - nothing.

Glorious sunshine. Temperature surely into double figures. The New Forest ground less muddier than expected, save for those places where horse riders, off their usual routes these last few weeks, had typically chewed up the surface into boggy mush.

A few months ago today's temperature would have had me layered up & chin hunkered down deep into my neck scarf to avoid the chill. But after the last few weeks of sub zero offerings this weather is positively balmy.

Which all goes to show the adaptability of the human body. Or perhaps the influence of the human brain as it comes to terms with the physical surroundings, and decides a positive spin is in order.

Spring is on the way. Always a dangerous announcement to make with the delinquent offspring of February & March yet to strike, But with each day's period of light becoming steadily longer, Nature is already gearing up for its annual renewal.

New Forest ponies are dropping the occasional early foal. The garden Robin has become increasingly territorial in preparation for courtship & nest construction.

And for myself?

I'm already considering my first backpacking week somewhere suitably remote & wild. A trip that is long overdue, and well deserved. A promise to rebalance the treadmill that I call My Life. But which at times feels more like the antics of a anarchic puppet, with others tugging on each string.

Roll on the better weather.


Yes, it was positively balmy up here yesterday, although I hear a snowstorm is on the way for Thursday. Roll on Spring as you say sir!
Roll on spring but i think iam along way away from planing any trips away.New babies seem to consume your life + the missus would noway in hell give a a weekend pass so i can go enjoy myself
Go for it John. Will be attempting another trip in February after the mess up of the last one.
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