Thursday, March 11

Garmin Geko 201 Problems

As I've not yet spotted anything on the outdoor forums ... some Geko owners (me for example) may want to follow this up

"Garmin's Geko 201 GPS kit can't decide what year it is, flipping between decades every time it's switched on...........The shift isn't by an exact number of days and seems to change every time the device is switched on....causing problems with software designed to import GPS tracks for analysis"

More here - courtesy of The Register


Oh great. I've just ordered one of those. I don't suppose it's possible to manually set the date, is it? Probably not, as it should be getting it from the satellites.
How annoying.
It's even worse than that; The Geko 201 seems to lose it's almanac as well as the date and for that reason takes up to 10 minutes to acquire satellites EVERY time it is turned on.
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