Friday, April 2

UK Waterfalls - Database of locations

My last mutterings gave me a long overdue nudge to mention a new on-line resource dedicated to mapping UK waterfalls -

"This website is dedicated to all the wonderful waterfalls throughout the United Kingdom.

I'm hoping to compile a database of all the major and many minor waterfalls, with a map of their location and hopefully photographs of each of the falls. There are a few other websites listing the falls throughout the UK .......... but I have yet to find a site where you can view a map and find any local falls to the area you are in.
I hope this will be of use to somebody out there, whether on your holidays or making special trips to see the falls"

I chatted via one of the UK Outdoor News Groups (yes they do still exist) with the site author following his appeal for additional waterfall information.

So if there's one you know of that you think should be added - why not drop him an e-mail?

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