Friday, March 26

NEC Outdoor Show 2010

Are you going this weekend? Or perhaps you've already made your visit?

Whether attending or otherwise, the usual preShow mumbles on the web has been distinctly quiet this year.

In fact many Bloggers, including myself, who have attended in recent years have opted for a NoShow on this occasion

Nothing deliberate on my part.

For a few weeks ago I even started putting a few notes together towards a Blog post looking at the appearance of The Joe Simpson alongside the decision to charge admission to the Celeb Events. That's on top of already charging an entrance fee to the show. And of course the Infamous NEC Car Park cost.

But somehow I just couldn't get the interest up to take my notes any further or even hi light the fact that it was this weekend.

And judging from some of the feedback I've heard my disinterest is not an isolated case.

So has the Outdoors Show finally lost its Mojo for good?

Or will the rumoured move to a London venue breathe new life into the wearied format?

So if you did stump up that small personal fortune to cross the threshold this year - how did you get on?


We considered attending but found better things to do, despite the attraction of free admissions as YHA/SYHA life-members.

It'll be interesting to read how the show has changed now that the Ordnance Survey have pulled out.
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