Friday, April 2

Burbush Waterfall - New Forest

I love the extremes that Mother Nature can throw our way from time to time.

Conditions of heavy snowfall, strong wind or exceptional rainfall - these tend to bring me a primal enjoyment rising from somewhere deep down in my psyche.

Locally this morning's downpour was of such ferocity that it left flooded country lanes. The kerbside irrigation ditches abandoning their task with the futility of trying to handle such a prolonged and heavy deluge.

Gazing through the window, heels kicking at Bank Holiday ennui, I decided to lace up my walking boots and head off into the New Forest.

I've written about Burbush waterfall many times in the past. So today I decided to offer a close-up view of this temporary natural phenomena, especially its source.

By chance, earlier weather conditions in mind, today's visit revealed it in the best condition I've seen to date.

Happily the rain had stopped giving way instead to blue sky & sunshine. However, as you will hear if you watch the clip) the wind was still being rather too familiar.

Burbush Waterfall

Despite wandering along familiar paths today's outing felt like a visit to a different landscape as the terrain handled its shedding of the rain's aftermath.

Normally dry ditches were now small streams. And the streams gushing torrents of seething dark liquid. Their levels three feet higher than usual. In places breaking their banks to flood the surrounding land for some distance.

Despite today's declared holiday, and the traditional start of the tourist season hereabouts, the car park was largely empty. Most brave souls I encountered as I wandered were welly clad - or in a couple of cases ill advisedly trying to cope with trainers in a futile defence of dry feet.
(Small wonder I tend to stick to walking boots year round raised amongst these conditions)

But for all of those willing to seek out time with nature today the reward was a wonderland of altered perspectives for a short while.

Hope there was something decent on the TV for those lurking indoors cursing the Bank Holiday weather. A pity you missed the best show on offer.


Very nice, thanks for this. I love it when it's quite in the New Forest, seems like you have the whole place to yourself. Thanks
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