Tuesday, March 30

Garmin Geko 201 Problems - Update

Thanks to Matt C over on Outdoors Magic it appears the anticipated software update for the 201 is now available.

A few things to consider before you rush off to sort the Y2K issue:

1. To get the update you need to connect the GPS to a PC via the Garmin PC interface cable (assuming you ever bothered to get one in the first place)

[That's £17.86 + P&P spent]

Luckily I had one already. Which brings me to ............

2. It has a 9 pin serial connector which many pcs, especially laptops, no longer have fitted.

I do. But if you haven't then ............

3. You'll need Garmin's USB to RS232 converter cable as well.
[Another £39.99 spent]

4. Go to the Garmin site, download their Webupdater software, and install it on your pc.

5. Finally - connect the GPS to the PC, run Webupdater and let it work out which software updates should be applied.

6. But before you do the update carefully read the advice about likely data loss on the GPS, especially any stored Tracklogs.

All of which seems a right faff for a unit listed on Amazon at £90, but potentially requiring £60 worth of cables for an update that should never have been required in the first place.
(Edit: Once again thanks to Matt C spotting this link for cheaper cables)

I suspect there will be an increasing number of Gecko 201's appearing on E-Bay in coming months!


Glad you posted about this; as I knew nothing about it.

Was in the process of looking to buy a 201 from ebay.

Think I'll stick to my etrex.
I use a USB to serial adapter from Novatech at £9.99 which has always worked perfectly. http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/Cables/AdaptersAndGenderChangers/USB-0039.html.

The Garmin serial cable (clone) is widley available at a similar price.
cheers for the tip off
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